Professor Clare Mills

Photograph of Clare Mills

Professor of Molecular Allergology

Institute of Inflammation and Repair,

Manchester Academic Health Science Centre,

Room 1.021.

Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

University of Manchester

131 Princess Street

Manchester M1 7DN, UK

Memberships of Committees and Professional Bodies

2005-2010 EFSA Self-task Food Allergy working group of the GMO panel

2006-present Food Standards Agency Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes

2008-2012 BBSRC DRINC Steering Group

2009-2011 BBSRC Committee C Core Panel Member 


My research is focussed around the relationship between biophysical properties of proteins and polysaccharides, and their structural attributes within the context of behaviour during digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, and in particular with regards what makes some foods, like peanut, more allergenic than others, and why some food proteins become allergens. Different types of foods may elicit a variety of physiological and psychological responses which will have a direct impact on our health and well being. We are discovering what the rules are that govern the changes in natural and fabricated food structures (including nano-scale structures) during digestion and how that affects the form and uptake of food proteins, including allergens, by the gut epithelium. A bioinformatic analysis of food allergens of plant and animal origin has shown a restricted membership of protein superfamilies, supporting molecular and structural approaches to allergen classification. We are now seeking to discover why certain protein scaffolds dominate known allergens from foods, how the structural and biological properties conferred by these scaffolds may predisposes a protein to becoming a food allergen, and how this may be altered by food processing and the food matrix. In particular we have been investigating how thermal denaturation and adsorption at interfaces results in formation of partially-folded states and aggregated protein networks. The impact of such changes, together with biomolecular interactions with other components, such as lipids, on the kinetics of simulated gastrointestinal proteolysis is being investigated using proteomic approaches. This is complimented by studies on the effect on allergenicity, in terms of, for example human allergic IgE-binding capacity, undertaken in collaboration with researchers around the world through the EuroPrevall project. A second strand of research activity has been the characterisation of polysaccharides as a function of genetics and environment using a combination of spectroscopic imaging techniques (Fourier-transform infrared and Raman spectroscopies) coupled with analysis using mass spectrometry (protein constituents) and NMR spectroscopy (cell wall components).  Through BBSRC and EU funding in collaboration with researchers at the Institute of Food Research and Rothamsted Research, we have shown, for the first time, spatial heterogeneity in the distribution of non-starch polysaccharides with different branching patterns (and hence solubility). This alters during grain development in hitherto unsuspected ways and we have now demonstrated that the structure of the walls alters in response to the GI tract environment, which may have implications for understanding the role of whole grain foods in human health.


After a short spell in London at the Department of health after I completed my PhD I went to work at the BBSRC Institute of Food Research (IFR) in Norwich where I became a head of the Physical Biochemistry Group in 1999. In 2005 I took over the leadership of the food material science research at IFR and working with four other research leaders developed a new programme of research relating food structure to health benefits of foods. This took the largely physical sciences knowledge base derived from food behaviour during food processing in a factory environment and applying it to understanding environmental responsiveness of foods during digestion in the biological-processing environment of the gastrointestinal tract. Specifically the programme sought to gain an understanding the rules governing the assembly of natural and fabricated food structures (including nano-scale structures), their subsequent disassembly during digestion and uptake by the gut epithelium. This has also involved promoting a transdisciplinary approach, linking physical scientists with physiologists, clinicians and psychologists to achieve its overall aims and goals. In my capacity as a BBSRC Institute Strategic Programme Grant leader I was also a member of the IFR Executive Board.

In 2011 I moved to the University of Manchester to take up my current position. Based in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology and working with the Respiratory and Allergy Research team at the University Hospital of South Manchester led by Professor Adnan Custovic, I am now applying my molecular science to understand, better diagnose and treat food allergies. This research stems from work I have done through a series of projects funded across several EU Frame Work Programmes. Through these projects I developed a network of researchers that put forward the expression of interest on food allergy which subsequently the consortium applied for, and won, and came on to become the EuroPrevall project. Spanning 17 countries, including India, China, Russia and Ghana, it had 63 partners spanning clinical science, epidemiology, social science, biochemical and immunological sciences, academia and industry. Successfully completed at the end of 2009 the future challenge will be to realise the knowledge currently locked up in the large amounts of data and biological samples (including DNA) collected through the project activities in the coming years to understand the basis of food allergies and deliver more effective management strategies.  


BSc Hons in Biochemistry (University of Bristol, UK)

PhD Biochemistry (University of Kent at Canterbury, UK)



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