Dr Paul Bowyer

Senior Lecturer

Institute of Inflammation and Repair
Faculty of Medicine and Human Sciences
2.30a Core Technology Building
Grafton St


My current research involves two main areas:

- Discovering the genetic basis of susceptibility to fungal disease in humans using whole exome sequencing of populations with defined disease phenotypes and controls

- the genomics of pathogenicity and drug resistance in the human fungal pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus

My group works closely with clinicians at UHSM in order to define clinical phenotypes, identify patients and obtain consent to take samples then analyse the samples in the laboratory. We have extensive collaborations with sequencing centres in the UK(EBI) the USA (JCVI) and in Barcelona (CNAG) as well as with Aspergillus researchers worldwide. 

Methodological Knowledge

Bioinformatic analysis of large exome sequence data sets, RNAseq data, genome assembly and comparison of fungal genomes, use of next gen sequencing for bespoke fitness and population studies, microbiome determination and metagenomics of pathogens. Gene manipulation in fungi and human cells.


Tutor for Personal and Professional Development, yr 1 and 2 medicine

Modules on diagnostics and genetics on the MSc in Medical Mycology

Interviewing UCAS candidates, screening statements

Examining PhD and MSc theses


PhD in Molecular Genetics, University of Sheffield, 1991



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