Research projects

Specific information on the available projects can be found via the links below.

Project 1:

Researcher: Pavlos Geranios (PhD/ESR) – University of Manchester, UK
Title: Calcium signalling during polarized cell growth and tropisms in the human pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus
Supervisor: Nick Read

Project 2: 

Researcher: Tânia Ribeiro Fernandes (PhD/ESR) – University of Córdoba, Spain
Title: Role of calcium, redox and MAPK signalling in chemotropism of the fungal pathogen Fusarium oxysporum
Supervisor: Antonio Di Pietro

Project 3:

Researcher: Mariana Almeida (PhD/ESR) – University of Aberdeen, UK
Title: Decision-making and hyphal guidance of Candida albicans in human pathogenesis
Supervisor: Neil Gow and Alex Brand

Project 4:

Researcher: Patricia Silva (PhD/ESR) – University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis, France
Title: Lipid and G-protein interactions in C. albicans and S. cerevisiae responding to chemical and physical inducers of filamentous growth
Supervisor: Rob Arkowitz and Martine Bassilana

Project 5:

Researcher: Valeria Davi (PhD/ESR) – Institut Jacques Monod, CNRS, France
Title: Integration of mechanics and polarity in the determination of fungal cell shapes
Supervisor: Nicolas Minc

Project 6:

Researcher: Cassandre Kinnaer (PhD/ESR) – University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Title: Comparative analysis of polarized growth mechanisms in fission yeasts
Supervisor: Sophie Martin

Project 7:

Researcher: Hugo Amodeo Machi (PhD/ESR) – University of Goettingen, Germany
Title:  Transduction and integration of environmental signals during directed growth and development of aspergilli
Supervisor: Gerhard Braus

Project 8:

Researcher: Antonio Serrano Salces (PhD/ESR) – University of Braunschweig, Germany
Title: Subcellular dynamics of MAPKs mediating tropism and cell fusion in Neurospora crassa
Supervisor: André Fleissner

Project 9:

Researcher: Klara Junker (PhD/ESR) – Carlsberg Laboratory, Denmark
Title: Conserved mechanisms in fungi that transduce environmental/nutritional signals into morphogenetic changes
Supervisor: Juergen Wendland

Project 10:

Researcher: Saskia Du Pre (PhD/ESR) – F2G Limited, Manchester, UK
Title: Targeting the ‘fungal brain’ – a novel antifungal screen.
Supervisor: Jason Oliver

Project 11:

Researcher: Paola Bardetti (PhD/ESR) – IBFG-CSIC, Salamanca,Spain
Title: Cdk dependent mechanism involved in the regulation of the induction of hyperpolarized growth in fungi
Supervisor: José Pérez-Martín

Project 12: 

Patricia Hernandez Ortiz (ER) - University of Manchester, UK
Title: Chemoattractant and receptor involved in chemotropisms leading to cell fusion in Neurospora crassa
Supervisor: Nick Read

Project 13:

Researcher: Stefania Vitale Postdoc (ER) – University of Córdoba, Spain
Title: Host signals and cognate cell receptors activating chemotropic growth in Fusarium
Supervisor: Antonio Di Pietro

Project 14:

Researcher: Luigi Di Vietro (ER) – Bayer SAS, Lyon, France
Title: Antifungals that target tropic growth in Phytophthora
Supervisor: François Villalba and Philippe Perret