World Class Research to Improve Skin Health

Gastrointestinal Sciences

Focus on clinical and basic gastrointestinal biology with dimensions
in whole human enteric neuroscience, food sciences, molecular
physiology and health services research.
Immune Mechanisms

Immune Mechanisms

Creating a world leading centre for inflammation research


Leading the way to preventing and curing arthritis
Regenerative Medicine

Tissue Injury and Repair

Integrating cutting edge biomedical research on
healthy and diseased tissues, stem cells and biomaterials
to develop tomorrow’s tissue regeneration therapies.


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  • UMASS Exam Preparation Podcast Series
    Monday 14 April - Friday 09 May 2014

    We will be running an Exam Preparation Podcast series which will take place over a month. Each week will explore a new topic around exam preparation, and every day there will be new content uploaded either in the form of articles or podcasts. We will be looking at methods and techniques that will help you with your revision now, but also have a look at the services and support available at The University of Manchester.
    Week 1 we will explore Your Learning Style. Week 2 will be looking at How to Revise Week 3 will be concentrating on Reflections Week 4 will look at Your Well-being

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